Dogs stars of AOL.

Dogs are well-known for not only being man’s best friend, but also a faithful lifelong companion.

At AOL we not only love the outdoors, but we love dogs as well!

It’s great fun to watch our furry friends play on our artificial lawns, walk through our picturesque outdoor areas, and even splash about in our pools.

In fact, we love dogs so much here at AOL that we decided to dedicate a series of blogs to our favourite animals!

‘Dog Stars of AOL’ will focus on introducing you to the cute puppers and doggos from our AOL TV shoots.

We’ll get valuable insights from their owners as well as first person accounts from our office staff about what it was like to be around such lovely pups.

After all, every dog deserves to be the centre of attention.

Today’s star is…

Hamish the Golden Retriever!

Dogs Stars of AOL: Hamish the Golden Retriever - Hamish asked us to make him look important, Australian Outdoor Living.
Hamish asked us to make him look important.
Owner: Mary Moloney – Executive Assistant.

Golden Retrievers were initially bred to retrieve game during hunting and shooting parties, but over time they have become more popular as a family pet.

Their friendly demeanour and love of making friends makes them great around kids, and their bubbly personality means they’re great around both strangers and other dogs.

Their trusting and gentle disposition means they probably wouldn’t be good at keeping intruders away, but at least they’ll distract any burglars by licking them to death!

Hamish made himself at home instantly.

As soon as he visited the office he began making friends with as many people as possible.

Every time someone new walked in, he would rush over to them with a huge grin on his face and welcome them into the office.

Licks and tail wags were the theme of the morning, and some lucky staff members were even able to participate in a game of ‘tug of war’ using Hamish’s teddy bear!

Of course, being a Golden Retriever, Hamish was more than happy to head outside and get to work on some photo opportunities.

The Australian Outdoor Living display centre was transformed into a puppy playground for the morning, and Hamish made sure he explored every inch of it.

He frolicked on our artificial lawn, relaxed in the shade of our pergolas and outdoor blinds, and even decided to jump in the pool for a quick dip!

After all that excitement Hamish enjoyed a quick lie down at Mary’s desk before being whisked off home.

Dogs Stars of AOL: Hamish the Golden Retriever - Hamish thoroughly enjoyed our swimming pools, Australian Outdoor Living.
Hamish thoroughly enjoyed our swimming pools!
What we loved about Hamish…

Our big, loveable golden boy, Hamish, will be celebrating his first birthday later on this month.

He never fails to brighten up our day with his big smile, endless affection, and waggly tail.

He is a social butterfly and makes new doggo friends everywhere he goes!

When he’s not hanging out with his dog friends he absolutely loves getting in the water…

So we weren’t really that surprised when he dove right into one of our display pools!

Hamish is an all-round happy guy who will steal your socks and your heart.

He had the best time hanging out in the AOL office and can’t wait to come back!

– Mary Moloney, owner and Executive Assistant

Dogs Stars of AOL: Hamish the Golden Retriever - Hamish, looking cute, Australian Outdoor Living.
Hamish, looking cute.

Hamish was one of the friendliest – and bubbliest – dogs I’ve ever seen.

He bounced around from one person to another! He was so spontaneous and excited…

He gave me the feeling that as he bolted around the office he was thinking ‘What is going on?

Why am I getting so much attention?’

He was a truly amazing dog and I loved his energy!”

– Paul Leong, SEO Specialist.

Dogs Stars of AOL: Hamish the Golden Retriever - Hamish checking out the artificial grass, Australian Outdoor Living.
Hamish checking out the artificial grass.

Hamish, looking even cuter still.

Hamish’s guest appearance made for a very different Friday in the Australian Outdoor Living office!

He was very energetic and spent most of his time bouncing around the office and searching for pats and playmates.

Hamish is a welcome visitor any time!”

– Alexandra Hand, National Brand Manager.

Dogs Stars of AOL: Hamish the Golden Retriever - Hamish, looking even cuter still, Australian Outdoor Living.
Hamish, looking even cuter still.

Hamish is a goofy, lovable ball of fluff.

With his cheeky and playful personality he is an endless source of entertainment and laughs around the office!”

– Holly Soininen, Graphic Designer.

Dogs Stars of AOL: Hamish the Golden Retriever - Hamish made the most of our artificial lawn after jumping in the pool, Australian Outdoor Living.
Hamish made the most of our artificial lawn after jumping in the pool.

Every dog I see quickly becomes my favourite dog, and Hamish was no exception.

His beautiful personality and loveable grin really made the office brighter.

He and his teddy bear are welcome back whenever they want!”

– Anthony Cochrane, Content Writer.

Dogs Stars of AOL: Hamish the Golden Retriever - - Hamish was a very good boy all morning, Australian Outdoor Living.
Hamish spent all morning being a very good boy.

What do you think?

Do you have a Golden Retriever or a dog that loves their teddy bear?

Tell us about your furry friend!

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