Make your roller shutters last longer with these handy tips

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Follow these simple tips to keep your roller shutters in perfect working order.

As far as home renovations go, the addition of roller shutters is one of the most sensible.

They’re practical, economical and stylish, and they add a level of security that will give you peace of mind when you leave the house. As with any home renovation, they’re a significant investment.

As with any investment, you’re going to want to take steps to look after it. This is why if you want your shutters to last, it’s important to properly maintain them.

Keep reading for useful hints and tips about how to clean and maintain your shutters to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

How to properly maintain your roller shutters - Follow these simple tips to keep your roller shutters in perfect working order, Australian Outdoor Living.
Follow these simple tips to keep your roller shutters in perfect working order.

How to clean your roller shutters

Like any outdoor surface, roller shutters are constantly exposed to the elements. They can quickly become covered in dirt and dust, causing the mechanism to seize up and jam.

Excess dirt on the surface of the shutter can also result in the slats becoming scratched.

Fortunately the cleaning process is quick and easy. All you’ll need to properly clean your shutters is a soft cloth, a brush with soft bristles, some mild detergent (dishwashing liquid will work fine) and some clean, warm water.

Gently wipe your shutters using the cloth, water and detergent. Make sure you pay close attention to the hard to reach spots between the slats and along the guides – these spots are where most of the dirt will build up.

After you’ve done this, dip your soft bristle brush in the warm, soapy water. With the shutters in the closed position, gently wipe them in an up and down motion.

Avoid using a side-to-side motion, as it could cause the individual slats in the shutter to become misaligned. Should this happen, you may experience some issues when you operate your shutters.

After you’ve thoroughly wiped them, give them a quick rinse with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth. Be sure to use the up and down motion so your slats stay in the proper alignment.

The last thing you need to do is clean between the guides of the shutter. To do this, you must first raise your roller shutter, ensuring it is completely open.

Gently wipe away the dirt and dust from inside the guide with your soft bristled brush. Do this carefully.

If you’d prefer, you can also clean the guides by spraying them with running water from a garden hose, making sure the water pressure isn’t too high. Allow the guides to dry completely before you close your shutters again.

Follow these steps two to three times a year to keep your shutters in perfect working order.

How to properly maintain your roller shutters - How to clean your Roller Shutters, Australian Outdoor Living.
Wipe your roller shutters down with a damp cloth and soapy water at least twice a year.

Check your roller shutters after extreme weather

Strong wind and rain can cause objects to be blown into the walls of your home, often causing damage to the exterior.

While damage from an object colliding with your shutter is unlikely, there is a chance that a tree branch or something similar could become lodged in the path of your roller shutters.

Closing your shutter while a foreign object is blocking its path could result in serious damage. The shutter may gather in on itself, causing the up and down limits to move out of place.

This could also cause the slats to bend, dent or break completely.

Always check to make sure there is nothing blocking the path of your shutter, otherwise you could be up for some pretty heavy maintenance costs.

Use them!

Finally, the best thing you can do for your roller shutters is use them on a regular basis. They can seize up if you leave them too long between uses, so ensure you make the most of your shutters by actually using them!

Here at Australian Outdoor Living we understand that certain things are out of your control. That’s why we offer warranty on all of our shutters.

Just ask one of our friendly team members about it during your free measure and quote!

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Follow these simple tips to keep your roller shutters in perfect working order - Use them, Australian Outdoor Living.
Check your roller shutters after extreme weather.

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