How To Throw a True-Blue Aussie Backyard BBQ

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How to throw the ultimate aussie backyard BBQ

If there is one thing any true-blue Aussie should know to do well, it is to throw a ripper Aussie BBQ!

At Australian Outdoor Living we love a friendly gathering.

And when the sun is warm and the beer is cool, we believe there is no better time to throw a backyard BBQ.

In fact we love a grill-inspired gathering so much, that we have put together a True-Blue guide to holding the best backyard BBQ.

1. The occasion

Aussies love a long weekend, which is just as well because our yearly calendar is littered with them.

Sure, Saturday and Sunday provide two days to relax.

You might see a film at the movies, wash your car and conquer a few household chores.

But only when Monday is thrown into the mix, that third day of weekend bliss, do we really relax and completely unwind. The household is primed for a BBQ event.

2. The guest list

Like any party, the company you keep can make or break a backyard BBQ.

They can be best friends, school friends, or extended family.

Be sure to keep the guest list fresh and full. If one thing is true, it is the more the merrier at a backyard BBQ.

Any party or event requires a guest list.

And for the host, writing this list can be a dreaded task.

Who to include and who to exclude?

The guest list can mean politics and cattiness.

But when it comes to a true-blue Aussie BBQ, there is no need for this.

A backyard barbecue makes the most of your backyard.

Set amidst a vast open space, all of your guests can relax and unwind without impeding upon one another’s personal space.

If you have a varied friendship group, or if your invitees are both friends and family, you can set up multiple seating areas.

But always remember, a great host will play social. Work the verandah and encourage everyone to mingle.

3. The food

Location and guests are all well and good, but it’s the food that’s the backbone of any true blue Aussie BBQ.

As host, it is so important you put on a good spread.

But we aren’t talking pasta or fancy finger food.

If you are feeling at a loss for Aussie-inspired culinary finds, here are the quintessential foods to make for a great Australian BBQ.


Plucked fresh from the sea, lightly salted and thrown whole into a sharing bowl, prawns are the seafood of choice to appease the great Australian palate.

For many families, prawns are a staple feature of a festive feast.

Served fresh in their shells, they provide a fiddly starter, often accompanied by homemade tartar (a whole egg thrown in).

Sure, fresh prawns are truly delicious.

But if you are feeling a little creative, you can marinate your tasty crustaceans, line them up on a skewer and thrown them on the BBQ.

Here is one of our favourite recipes for an All Australian BBQ marinade:

How To Throw a True-Blue Aussie Backyard BBQ - AOL BBQ Marinade recipe - How To Throw a True-Blue Aussie Backyard BBQ, Australian Outdoor Living.
Aussie meat marinade.

Australian herbs and spices

The taste of Australia is truly unique.

Native herbs and spices found deep within the Australian bush have a taste of their own that exists nowhere else in the world.

But all too often Aussie flavours are missed.

For example, instead of lemon myrtle, we opt for sweet chilli.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we love the taste of this land down under and we want all Australians to know about it!

We have put together a list of our favourite Australian-inspired herbs and spices for you to mix and choose, or make up your very own meat rub or marinade recipe:

  • Flinders Island Celery
  • Sea Celery
  • Old Man Salt Bush
  • Lemon Myrtle
  • Peppermint Gum
  • Tasmanian Blue Gum
  • Strawberry Gum
  • Blue-Leaved Mallee
  • Holy Basil
  • Native Thyme


Ahhhh, the Pavlova.

Or the ‘Pav’ as it is fondly known.

Decadent, yet delightfully casual, a Pavlova is oh-so delicious and versatile.

The Pavlova is perhaps Australia’s favourite dessert (followed very closely by the lamington).

Consisting of a crispy meringue base, layered with fresh whipped cream, you can pick and choose your favourite toppings.

From fresh fruit and sparkling berries, to wickedly indulgent chocolate flakes or caramel spears, the Pavlova is vast, varied and unique to every family.

If your into vegan friendly foods here a list of vegan options that are made for the BBQ.

How To Throw a True-Blue Aussie Backyard BBQ - Pavlova - How To Throw a True-Blue Aussie Backyard BBQ, Australian Outdoor Living.

Photo Credit: MrDays via Compfight cc

4. The next day

It is no secret that Australians love a boozy beverage or two.

And a backyard BBQ often calls for a few.

The morning after your true-blue Aussie BBQ, you might be feeling a little, how do we put it… not in the mood.

Here are a few quick tips to make for an easy clean-up after your backyard BBQ:

  • Set up two, three or even four bins in your backyard. This will encourage your guests to dispose of their litter in the bin and not on the lawn.
  • Use disposable cups. Polishing glassware is a time-consuming and tedious task. Provide your guests with disposable cups to save yourself hours of dishes and washing up.
  • Line all tables with throw-away plastic liners. You can buy these for no more than ten dollars at your local party store or supermarket. Providing catchment for crumbs and tid-bits, a plastic liner makes for light work.

There you have it, our true-blue guide to throwing the Ultimate Aussie Backyard BBQ!

We want to know, do you have any plans in the works?

Head over to the Australian Outdoor Living Facebook page, leave a message and let us know about it.

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