3 Awesome Themes for an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party

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New Year’s Eve party 

The year is swiftly coming to an end and we’re all asking ourselves: ‘where did the time go?’

Before you even know it, it’ll be time to crack open the champagne, whack on a party hat and watch some fireworks to welcome in the New Year.

Are you still fishing for ideas for a stellar New Year’s Eve?

We think no NYE festivities are better than a night at home, away from the raucous crowds (and near to those angsty pets who hate the loud bursts of firecrackers).

The great thing is you can tailor your NYE bash to whichever mood you’re in.

What can you do to make your New Year’s party so enjoyable guests will be begging you to turn it into an annual event?

Nothing is better than a solid theme.

So here at Australian Outdoor Living, we’ve picked our three favourite NYE themes to help you bring in the New Year.

3 Awesome Themes for an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party - 3 Awesome Themes for an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party, Australian Outdoor Living.
3 Awesome themes for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party.

NYE pool party

The fact is here in Australia, we’re in prime position for New Year’s Eve activities.

Nobody wants to be outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere for this celebration; there they’re all eager to usher in the New Year so they can get off the snowed-in streets and back into their cosy beds.

Here in Aus, it’s normally a toasty night, with people keen for the party to continue well after the night has ticked over into the New Year.

And that makes a Pool Party the ultimate Aussie NYE treat.

A Pool Party demands an outdoors BBQ; get all your guests to bring a plate to limit the amount of work you’ll have to do, and make sure there’s plenty of furniture around the verandah, deck and pool to ensure all your guests are comfy (you may need to pull the dining table and chairs out for the night).

Plastic cups and plates are the way to go if you’re going to eat near the pool and make sure the esky is stocked with PLENTY of ice for the night.

Get more ideas for hosting a BBQ with this helpful post.

Keep plenty of dry towels available for the guests along with a towel rack or ‘wet towel’ bucket so wet and dry towels are kept apart (and so it’s easier for you to clean in the morning).

Make sure you’ve got plenty of lighting so your pool is safely well-lit for the occasion, all the way up to midnight.

And a serious reminder: don’t let the kids near the pool without (sober) adult supervision.

3 Awesome Themes for an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party - NYE Pool Party, Australian Outdoor Living.
NYE pool party.

Pyjama night

This is a great one for families – though more than a few adults here in the AOL office relish the idea of a laid-back adults-only PJ Party.

But it does make sense to have the kiddies in their night-time gear – they may not get to bed at their normal hour but they’re at least prepared should they drop off before midnight.

And of course all the kids will get a kick out of seeing adults in their PJs too.

A PJ Party demands a casual affair.

Snack food is the way to go: make sure there are plenty of bags of potato chips, party pies, wedges or hot chips, sausage rolls, crudités with dips, fruit juice and some fizzy for the adults.

A pyjama party is about optimising the giggles.

Check out our post on fun backyard games for the whole family.

Take the kids and the guests for a walk – yes, in your pyjamas! – around the neighbourhood to enjoy the Christmas lights that are likely still up.

And once the kids submit to their fatigue back home, keep some board games on stock for the adults.

It’s true, as much as the excitement of the night can keep the kids bouncing off the walls well past their bedtime, many of them still struggle to reach midnight.

So we recommend a mock countdown.

Set your clocks to 12 am when it’s really only nine.

Count down with the kids and distribute party poppers and sparklers so they can herald in the (fake) moment with plenty of enthusiasm!

3 Awesome Themes for an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party - Pyjama Night, Australian Outdoor Living.
Pyjama night.

Cocktail night

Of course, for many of us New Year’s Eve presents a chance to dress up and celebrate in style.

A backyard party is a great way to host a glamorous cocktail night; you can even use it as a chance to contribute in a positive way by hosting a charity party.

A cocktail night should be an adults-only affair.

We love nothing more than a subdued setting, preferably lit by candles and tiki lamps, although you can create a beautiful atmosphere with some clever lighting techniques.

Cocktail parties are about the glitz, glamour and sparkle.

Once you’ve picked a lighting theme, decorate your patio or verandah with vases full of fresh flowers.

Keep food simple; cheese platters work well with the champagne you can’t go without.

Put some unique charms on each wine glass so people can easily identify their own.

3 Awesome Themes for an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party - Cocktail Night, Australian Outdoor Living.
Cocktail night.

And after New Years?

Why stop at New Years?

Your backyard is your own personal outdoors space and we encourage you get out there and use it year-round.

Check out our other ideas designed to inspire you to make the most of your little bit of the outdoors:

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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